A soccer camp for girls and boys

soccer camps

Our daughter Alyssa is at that age where she doesn’t care if you’re a boy or girl, you can be her best friend and she doesn’t think twice about such things. She’s kind of a tom boy so maybe that’s why she’s a little different than the other girls her age but either way, we love her just the way she is. After trying baseball for a year and her not responding to it quite as enthusiastically as we had hoped, we have decided to enroll her in a Colorado youth soccer league this year. The game of soccer promotes a  few values that my wife and I think are important in today’s world and to develop properly as a person and young mind. One of the main things you’ll learn while playing soccer is teamwork. Soccer is the ultimate team sport because the size and scale of the pitch make it so no one player could ever be effective on it. You need to rely on those around you and know that being selfless instead of selfish will always pay off in the real world. It’s a lesson I see on the faces of those kids running around and in Alyssa’s behavior ever since we enrolled her last Summer. Speaking of summer, this year we plan to sign her up for one of their amazing summer camps and see how she reacts to that. When we informed her she screamed with delight so I’m thinking it should work out just perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with skyline soccer.