Crimes That Are Related to DUI

Driving under the influence is more than just that plain definition, when it comes to law and how the court and dui lawyer sees it. Even with a predefined standard for measuring if someone has sufficient alcohol in their blood to be impaired, there are innocent explanations for such positive readings, which include a medical condition or a food that was eaten.

In addition, there are several other crimes that are closely related to this one, which a dui attorney should also be able to help with, based on his or her specialty. These include:

Driving Under The Influence of Drugs – As the name suggests, drugs can influence a driver’s judgment in that he or she won’t be able to safely drive without presenting a hazard to themselves and society. Just as how driving under the influence has its own tests and measurements, driving under the influence of drugs or duid also has standardized procedures.

Driving With An Open Container – Even if the driver doesn’t take a sip from the alcohol, in some locations you can get arrested for driving with an alcoholic beverage in the car. This is relative however, as the statutes of the state will outline if for example, the beverage was sealed or in the trunk of the vehicle, then this would probably not count.

Vehicular Manslaughter – On many occasions, statistics show that accidents that result in death is regularly caused by driving under the influence.

Whichever crime relates to you, for defense strategies,  a criminal defense lawyer should be able to help with all.