Don’t deal with deck disasters.

In Colorado, a home without a custom deck is like a hat without a brim.  It is functional, but awkward. Colorado custom decks are not just meant to be for the family barbecue.  They are an architectural addition that increases the functionality and beauty of your home.  Aside from that, they will also improve your view of the mountains that cover a majority of the state. Even in Denver, decks are a worthwhile addition to any home.  We can see the mountains from most places in the city, and a deck can only serve to enhance that view.

There are many independent contractors that you can choose from when deciding who could build your deck.  Some people are even savvy enough to tackle the project on their own.  However, if you are inexperienced in the world of DIY Home Improvement, building your own deck can quickly turn into an expensive disaster.decks in denver

I have a friend, let’s call him Frank.  Frank thought it would be okay to build his own deck, thinking he could get the job done himself in just a few weeks with some ingenuity and a Youtube video.  Sadly, he did not have any of the supplies.  Instead of planning and talking to a trained professional, he just went to the store and bought everything the video told him to.  However, with no carpentry experience, it became less likely that Frank would finish the deck with each passing minute.

I built a deck with my dad while I was a teenager, so I probably could have offered him some help, but it was more fun to watch him end up with the disaster of a deck that he did.  I bought him a case of beer as a consolation prize.