Fixing Leaks On Slate Roofs

Once you inspect a leak on a roof slate, it’s time to jump into action and prevent further damage.

A roofer can determine if a leak will follow rusting, browning, or a deteriorated white patch on some sections of the roofing. Based on the assessment, he or she can decide on whether a repair or replacement will be  necessary.

Most leaks on slate roof tiles originate from:

  • Every day wear and tear. The lifespan of most slate roofs are over 100 years, and are based on the care and maintenance given to them. Where the slate originates from, will also affect its life expectancy.
  • Hail that chips hard at the slate, much like a chisel operates. The impact of hail on slate is based on the speed and weight of the downpour.

To fix the slate roof, you will need to hire someone who specializes in this type of roofing. A general roofer who slaps together a concrete solution may cause the problem to worsen unnecessarily.

These roofing tiles, even though they can last almost 150 years, are still susceptible to fading, cracks, leaks and other types of damage. However, once the damage has been noticed, a singles slate roof tile can be replace or restored promptly. A skilled contractor should be able to tell which is the best move to make.

If you decide on replacing the tile yourself, or applying  a leak solution for one or more tiles in a reserved area, be sure to exercise the proper precautions when working on a roof.