Having trouble keeping the kids occupied?

Anyone with kids under the age of ten understands the value of having an indoor play center to take them to so they can blow off steam during the harsh Colorado winter.  Unless you want to keep the children inside, at home, for the duration of the winter.  That is your call to make.  But if you have been searching for a place to let the kids loose on the unsuspecting teenage employees of a kids indoor play center, look no further.  Lollipop Park is an affordable indoor play center that allows your children unlimited time to run around like, well, children for the low price of $14.95.  Seems cheap? That is because most indoor play places charge you by the hour, or you have to buy tickets and tokens and all sorts of other stuff.  However, with Lollipop Park’s wristband system, the pay-as-you-go systems of the past are slowly fading into the rear-view.

Believe it or not, $14.95 is only the weekend price.  During the week, you are looking at $12.95 per child to play till they drop. That means unlimited rides.  The concept of unlimited rides to a 6 year old is so incredibly valuable, you could probably get them to trade you anything for it.  As a parent, it saves you much needed money when we are this close to Christmas.

Plus, for those of you wanting to earn extra points with the other parents in your circle, you can offer to take their children off their hands for an entire day while they get some time to themselves, an highly unlikely event for sure.  Then, they owe you one in the same.