How Do Gluten Free Diets Affect Autism

gluten free tortillaWith the surge in autism cases in the nation, one has to wonder is a completely new medical condition, or has more research been pumped into locating kids with autism. Individuals who have never been touched by this condition believe that it’s well, make-believe, or that’s it’s mistaken for regular childhood issues like shyness or timidity. This is especially true for those on a lighter spectrum. For parents however with autistic children, autism is very real. It affects different children in varied ways, others barely muttering a few words throughout their lives. Naturally, if a solution helps for someone, other parents are likely to jump on the bandwagon. One of the most popular suggestions include gluten free living. Gluten is said to affect children’s behavior negatively, whether this means ADD or being hyperactive.

So how exactly does someone live gluten-free, and what types of products are available. As with most food products on the market, there are many options, and gluten free dieting is gaining momentum, whether this means gluten free tortillas, breads, rice, pasta and other naturally wheat derived products where the protein has been extracted.

Not only do those with behavioral diseases benefit from gluten free products, patients of gastroenterologists like those with Celiac Disease utilize these products to prevent any discomfort or allergic reactions from gluten. Even those without any serious medical issues use the delicious gluten free tortilla recipes when mean planning, because they basically taste the same. The difference is no protein and a little difference in pricing.