Insurance for Spine Surgery and Follow Up

If you’ve tried everything in the book when it comes to relieving your back pain, it may be necessary to go the route of surgery. With several laser treatments on the market or procedures like minimally invasive spine surgery, more patients are fast seeing the benefits of this treatment to solve their back pain issues.

One major hurdle however, is finding the resources or funds to perform this type of surgery, especially if current health insurance policies do not cover it. Consider switching insurance companies or adding a supplementary one if this is the case.

You can ask spine surgeons consulted to recommend qualifying insurance companies. Also, see if the hospital or surgeon themselves have a financing plan. This is a long shot, but it’s worth a try to ask.

Quotes can additionally be researched online. Type in “spine surgery insurance” in the search engines to determine what the average cost would be for monthly premiums, if there are any prerequisites, and how soon the insurance would be able to kick in.

In addition to the surgery itself, your insurance should cover the hospital stay and post operative treatment. Minimally invasive spine surgery has less downtime so that’s an additional benefit, which can  save you money – if you’re paying out of pocket. Many patients of minimally invasive spine surgery are released within a few short hours of the procedure and a follow-up is usually done to see if there were any improvements.

To get a detailed overview of how the surgery works, before, during and after, consult a medical specialist.