Landscaping Around a Brick Ranch

If you are interested to get a ranch property, there are several ranches for sale in the market. Then, you can spruce it up with a residential structure.

Single story houses with low roofs are called ranchers or also called ranch style houses. The sidings of these houses can be made of almost any materials. Ranchers’ homeowners sometimes prefer bricks as its sidings. The color of the bricks should be considered if you plan to do any landscaping around the rancher. A red brick should do well in a house since it emits a warm feeling. You can first map your landscaping idea into a paper until you already decide on the final arrangement of your landscape.

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You can first create a backdrop by emphasizing the brick sidings with greenery. You can, then, add depth to the décor by making frame windows using tall shrubs. Make sure that you choose green shrubs with white flowers to avoid contrast to the red sidings.

Building a path made of brick pavers is a good way in emphasizing the bricks in the house. Make a path from the yard that leads to the front door of your house. If your front yard is not that large, then, just start installing brick pavers from the drive way to the front door.

To add more design to the ranch house, install a fence to make a frame around the house yard. You can use shrubs as hedges or bricks for fencing. The evergreen shrubs will complement with the color of the bricks in the ranch house. You can use a boxwood type of shrubs which can grow easily and can be easily maintained.

There are Oregon ranches for sale with ranchers already. You might consider those properties.