Memory quilts

A few years ago my mother was working with the Susan G. Komen Foundation on their annual event, “The Pink Tie Affair”.  During her tenor there she worked with an amazing group of women, comprised with survivors and family members touched by breast cancer.  One of these women was unfortunately suffering from a relapse with her cancer battle.  One of the ways that she chose to deal with all of her emotion was to put it all in quilts.

She would weave these intricate quilts and each share a similar message, to raise breast cancer awareness.  My mom bought one of her quilts at auction and displayed it in our home.  It was a work of art.

Making quilts is something she enjoyed doing and she was always buying new quilting supplies.  She made all kinds of quilts for all sorts of people.  Each one is unique and tells a different story, as her life was different each time she made one.

Unfortunately,  this brave woman did not survive her fight with cancer.  She succumbed to the disease a few years later.  But, her legacy lives on in her quilts.  Her memory will always be around everytime you look at a quilt of hers.

In fact, a few years after she died my mom ran into her daughter in law, and as a wedding gift my mother sent the quilt to her and her husband , so they could have something to remember their mother by.  It was something the couple really apprieciated and no gift could have been better.