Prince William Giving Kate Pink Brooch

jewelers in DenverSince Kate Middleton gave birth a few weeks ago to the future King of England, many have wondered how William would commemorate the event of his first child and son being born.  Well, it sounds as though he might have chosen a beautiful pink diamond brooch for his wife.  Whatever it is that William decides to gift to Kate in order to say thank you for bringing their son into the world, we are sure it will be copied all over the world so that other mothers can receive a similar gift to Kate’s.  Most Jewelers in Denver are already preparing for what the gift might be, stocking up on precious stones, however pink might be a surprise, since she did indeed have a boy.

So where might William have gotten this splendid idea of a pink diamond brooch? From none other than his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who received what is known as the most amazing pink diamond in existence when she was married in 1952.  She can often be spotted wearing it.  William’s father, Prince Charles gave Princess Diana, a gold medallion inscribed with William and a ‘W’ shaped charm.  It has been suggested that maybe William would give Kate another piece of Dianna’s jewelry, but considering she wears the engagement ring all the time, he might want to choose something that is completely between the two of them.

The Diamond Reserve is certainly excited along with everyone else to see what the Duchess of Cambridge will be sporting when she makes her first public appearance since their son has been born and left the hospital.