Rusted Guards hold no Cattle

Why is it that my cattle seem to disappear at the most inopportune times?  It might have something to do with my lack of cattle guards.  Living up in the mountains of Colorado, my cattle are my primary source of income.  Lately, I’ve found that my existing cattle guards are not keeping my cattle in.  They have rusted, and fallen apart.  Buying and installing new  guards will be a chore for the ages, I’m sure.  I can’t imagine why the cattle would wander off in the first place.

I’ve taken it upon myself to investigate the reason for my cattle wanting to leave in the first place, and think I’ve come up with an interesting discovery.  My neighbor has just picked up some brand new livestock feeders, and has been filling them with high quality cattle feed.  It certainly didn’t take long for my cattle to wander their way over to those feeders.  If they only had an idea of how much trouble they were causing me.  My neighbor is talking about making me pay for the food my cattle ate! If he makes me do that, how will I ever afford to purchase new cattle guards for myself?  Thankfully, the deals at Barn World are excellent.  I shouldn’t have any trouble.

Rustlin’ cattle is a lost art, that’s for sure.  Up here in the mountains, we find cattle walking the roads like they owned them.  Cattle guards are critical to preventing them from running off the ranch.  I guess I better pony up the dough for these cattle guards soon, otherwise my neighbor will be harassing me daily about money for the food my cattle are eating from his feeders!