Social Media and businesses

Over the years, I have met many business owners who have always been very successful and would credit their success only to “word of mouth” They became very famous around their neighborhoods first and then their cities and all due to the fact that people would recommend them to their friends and family. However, they have also noticed that this way of marketing is not as effective as it used to be. We live in a culture were people do not really talk anymore. If they want to communicate, send letters or even pictures they use Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. In my opinion, as an automotive digital marketing consultant, I strongly believe that these types of websites are becoming the new “word of mouth” They use sites like these in order to tell their friends and family about any type of service or product they purchased. People can now electronically “check in” at any of these businesses and have all their friends know about it. As a business owner you have to understand that people have changed in the way they recommend products and services to everyone around them and that this type of online automotive marketing is the new way of promoting your business. We all rely on technology now days and we all depend on our cell phones, tablets and laptops, so why not trust technology with the great task of promoting our businesses and building our brands. A strong online presence is only the start, then you just have to let it do what it does best.