Using SSL certificates for e-commerce

Someweb hosting companies share SSL certificates among websites on a server, but this often means that the websites will have problems running the security protocols. Because of how the internet works, there is no way for an online customer to know exactly who they are dealing with when they make purchases online. Problems have to be taken care of over the internet, and customers would much rather be assured that they wont have to do that.

Websites that useSSL certificates have a better chance of growing their business, because customers who trust are customers who come back and make additional purchases. The security based on SSL begins at the browser, which encrypts anything that is going to be sent to the server, where the website is based. The keys used to encrypt can be 40-bit or 128-bit. The 128-bit is more secure simply because a longer key is more difficult to decrypt, but sometimes 40-bit has to be used, such as if the server on the other end of the line of communication can only decrypt 40-bit security keys.

To get an SSl certificate, website owners submit a Certificate Signing Request, which is reviewed by a certificate authority before a website is given a server certificate. They can also begin the process through their web hosting company, if they have one. After the certificate authority approves things, the certificate can be installed and used.

Good Domain Names Mean Success

In todays fast paced world of technology, the Internet is the largest information resource for most consumers. When they need a product or service, they simply search the web to find what they need and where it is located. This search usually begins at a search engine using a few key words that describe what they are looking for. Selecting a domain names that includes so well known keywords will get your business a much larger presence on the Internet. Your web hosting professionals can assist you in selecting a good domain name, but there are also a few easy tips to follow that can greatly improve the traffic to your website. Having a keyword in your domain name that describes your business or industry can greatly increase the amount of traffic to your website. Words such as plumbing, landscape or chef will quickly grab attention when a consumer is doing a very broad search in those categories. Potential clients and search engines will know that your business is related to that specific word or industry. But if your name is Bobs Repairs no one will know that you are a plumber. It is also important to remember that your domain name will be what returning customers will use to locate you for repeat business. Keeping you domain name simple and easy to remember will ensure that they always return to use your services. If they are forces to struggle to recall the name and correctly enter a long tedious name, chances are they will click on the first site that they find which might not be yours.