Taking part in internet training

I hate the real world. It is a stressful place to be and I just want to go back to college. Ugh. I recently graduated from college and I am having the hardest time finding a job (not just my dream job, but any job). Seriously, why is it so difficult to find a job? It isn’t like I don’t have the proper qualifications for these jobs to which I am applying. I’m applying to all sorts of jobs that are within and below my qualifications.

employee assessmentI just wish that I could just click on a job opening and magically get the job. How great would that be? I wouldn’t have to fill out a million employee assessment tests for jobs that I probably won’t get anyway. I wouldn’t have to constantly remind my references that various employers might contact them. I wouldn’t have to go online to take interview training tests to keep me in the loop on possibly interview questions. I wouldn’t have to worry about any of those things. I would simply be employed.

However, this is not the magical land of Hogwarts, so I can’t just wish that magic will help me in my employment endeavors. I just wish that the real world would be a little easier on recent graduates. I’m not asking for much either. I just want to be able to make some money so that I don’t have to ask my parents for financial support all of the time. I want to be able to eventually move out of my parents’ house and start my life.