Three Types of Steel Buildings

There are steel buildings all around us.  Whether it is the shed in our backyard, the office building we work in, or the store we go to shop, steel is in the structures of many building in our world.


There are actually three types of steel buildings that are most commonly built.  First, the Quonset Hut is a development from the U.S. Navy.  The reason it is called a hut is because of the arching steel beams that support weight assembled on it.  It is relatively light weight and can be taken apart in order to be transported from one place to another.  These are often the most cost effective building because it is so simple.


The next type of steel buildings is the Steel i-Beam Building.  This is actually the most common type of building.  These are composed of steel skeletons made up of beams.  These types of buildings can be put together rather quickly as well as have the ability to be different colors.


Finally, the last style is the hybrid style between wood and steel.  This type of building has a similar structure to i-beam buildings however wood beams run horizontally between vertical steel beams.  This is a very complex structure and therefore time consuming to build.  It can also be more expensive to maintain and heat in the winter.

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