Water damage in Texas?

Most people do not think of Texas as a place where flooding happens. But, despite the low annual precipitation, Dallas, TX still deals with the issue of water damage in homes and businesses.  It is not common for the flooding to occur due to flooding, but the water damage, in Dallas can happen for a wide variety of reasons.  Either way it cannot and should not be ignored.

There are several aspects of water damage  restoration: flooring, walls, piping, and drainage.  If you have had water damage before, you know what suffers the most, and that is the flooring.

For those with carpeting in their homes, if your carpet becomes completely submerged in water, I can assure you that you will be tearing that carpeting out.  The padding underneath the carpet will definitely be pitched.  If you dry out the actual carpet, you could probably salvage it, if you are diligent.  In any case, the carpet’s coming out, and if you are at risk for future water damage, you should probably install tile or laminate wherever the water collects.

After you have the floors under control, determining the damage to the walls is the next step.  If you have drywall, it is not supposed to ever get wet (they don’t call it wetwall) and it will soak up water like a mop if you give it the chance.  Just don’t leave it be.  Check all the places where water contacted the wall, especially the baseboards.

Water damage restoration is a hassle, but if you follow proper procedure you will have no problem taking care of it.