We’ve been going to this orthodontist for years


On our most recent visit to the orthodontist was an eye opening experience for me and my family. First off, my son went in for a simple cleaning and it was determined he had not one but TWO cavities. My husband might need a root canal and my daughter got to talk to the dentist about which braces she might want to get going forward. The first two were surprising to say the least but we have been preparing for the braces for some time now. Teenage years are the ideal time for someone to get braces because they can go through the pain and discomfort of wearing corrective dental wear while they’re still in school and in the company of peers that are also wearing them. The options for braces have changed in recent years and now you can go with the standard traditional braces or you can opt for the clear and removable ones called invisalign braces. The thing about invisalign is that they are a little bit more expensive but for the extra cost your teen (or you, if the braces are for yourself) can enjoy the added benefit of the autonomy that the invisalign offers. They are made of from a clear plastic resin mold of your teeth so there are no wires, metals, hard plastic pads or rubber bands. In fact, you can even remove the invisalign braces and you’ll never have to worry about them staining or becoming discolored over time. Give your dentist a call and ask about invisalign.

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