Wholesale Diamonds: A Tricky Trade

In New York, wholesale diamonds are a major part of the economy.  Considering the value of the jewel trade worldwide, the major industrial cities like New York and Los Angeles’ loose diamonds industries are absolutely monolithic.  Companies like DeBeers are so well-entrenched in their industry positions that to begin to cut through the swath of red tape surrounding their business practices is a daunting task to say the least.  Most would suggest that undercover investigatory journalism would be the only plausible approach, as any other effort would attract significant attention from anyone involved.

The diamond industry is secretive, to say the least.  Films like “Blood Diamond” raise many questions about the ethics of the diamond industry, and trying to determine whether or not the violence associated around the trade is caused by the corporations themselves is convoluted and dangerous.

It seems rather ridiculous that people are arguing and hurting one another over who has the pretty rocks.  That is what they are doing, when it comes down to it.  I picture a rather amusing argument of businessmen in suits going back and forth like angry children on a playground, fighting over a shiny rock.  Personally, I feel like there are companies who bring some class back to the industry, however.  It may take some searching, but there are certainly wholesale diamond dealers that can show you a positive experience in the diamond industry.  I just do not know how far you will have to go to find them.  It might be more than a Google search.